Put simply, home staging means preparing your home for a potential buyer. It can involve redecorating, rearranging furniture, cleaning and accessorizing to present the property in the best possible light. Some may choose to do this themselves, while others may opt for professional help from an interior designer or home staging company.

An inviting scene makes it easier for someone to buy into a lifestyle. Not only can a well-presented space draw buyers and tenants in from the moment they begin their online search, but it also makes it easier to gauge a property’s size and proportions.

Another advantage is that it can help house hunters differentiate one property from another, particularly in the initial stages of a search. We are increasingly finding that buyers at the upper end of the market want something they haven’t seen before which is why our clients are leaning away from neutral ‘one look’ interior designs.

Staging a home can create talking points which are a great way to make a viewing more memorable. Today prime properties have so much to offer from bars, spas and pools to cinema rooms, dog showers and tack rooms, so it’s about accentuating what you have to catch the eye and get people talking.

Virtual Staging Benefits:

  • Brings out the full potential of your listing unit.
  • Leaves a great first impression for viewers when stepping into the unit.
  • Helps buyers to visualise living in the space.
  • The ideal condition to make any content for marketing the unit on social media platforms. (Video shoot, photos and 360 vritual tours)